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How to judge Raymond Mill is good or bad

SBM Raymond mill is nothing more than a comprehensive comparison of mill prices and mill quality, for now, the market's most popular stone mill or Raymond Mill.
1. Superior performance: Raymond Mill in the stone mill has been very popular one of the important reasons is that Raymond Mill performance is superior, Raymond Mill not only deal with the types of stone, and production capacity high.
2. Finished fineness: finished fineness is good, even whether it is on the finished product sales or production and utilization are essential, Raymond Mill finished product specifications have been the market and the user's affirmation, which also increased Raymond Mill of the competitiveness.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection: At present, the requirements of the Raymond Mill is not only efficient, energy saving, environment-friendly equipment is the future development trend. Raymond Mill is the first to complete the upgrade, is currently the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly one of the stone mill.

asked 5 days ago in Physics by anonymous
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Raymond Mill operating notes
The quality of a device is important, but the operation of the raymond mill is the most important, because only know the requirements of this, so as to better use, use more comfortable, in our plan, by the sensor The level of the material level into electrical signals, sent to the inverter, the inverter according to the signal to adjust the feed roller drive motor operating frequency, to achieve feeding roller stepless speed regulation; by the microprocessor will set the rolling distance and high precision Displacement sensor measured the rolling distance compared to the difference to send a signal to the stepper motor driver, stepper motor drive control stepper motor running a certain number of revolutions, through the screw drive roller roll slowly roll. Adjust the rolling distance until the difference is zero, to achieve the adjustment from the set value.
As a milling equipment, Raymond Mill is a wide range of applications. A Raymond mill accessories performance is good or bad, to a certain extent, with the quality of its accessories. Therefore, when the purchase of equipment, we must pay attention to see the quality of accessories, accessories to be a certain understanding. There are two kinds of manual and automatic control of the roller rolling distance. When the machine is running normally, it adopts the automatic mode. At this time, the feed control system starts to feed and stop the feeding signal according to the material level. The microprocessor calls the system The manual setting of the stored distance is automatically fast closing; when the machine repair or other personnel need to interfere with the situation occurs, the manual mode can be used to manually control the rapid clutch, fine adjustment, correction set rolling distance, transfer information. raymond mill grinding distance control system a. Design principle to adjust the rolling distance of the same function: roller trajectory of the same b. The overall design of the entire rolling distance adjustment system consists of rod assembly, fixed bearing, loose spring, movable bearing, guide, eccentric sleeve components, hanging angle, connecting rod, stepper motor, torque limiter and electric cylinder composition. Electromechanical grinding and grinding distance adjustment system still has all the functions of gas control grinding and grinding distance adjustment system.
asked Sep 13 in Computer Science by anonymous
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Raymond Mill Dressing

Raymond Mill system running its own software generated by the coarse grinding and grinding system code, the program automatically completed Raymond rough rough process, feed rate is set to 80mm / min. After the rough grinding is completed, run the finishing procedure according to the allowance, set the speed to 40mm / min. Refinement of Raymond's surface before each refinement to remove abrasive powder. Dressing process as shown, after the rest of the Raymond grinding surface is more detailed, no obvious defects.
In the grinding process, the formation of high temperature in the grinding area, the raymond mill wear, parts surface integrity deterioration, parts processing accuracy is not easy to control, it must be grinding fluid into the grinding area, reducing the grinding temperature. Grinding fluid not only lubrication and cooling effect, but also the role of washing and rust. Thus, the correct application of the grinding fluid is important for successful grinding.
F-SYN 100, which is a water-soluble coolant without mineral oil, is mainly used for grinding operations and is particularly suitable for forming grinding. When the workpiece requires low foaming and high visibility processing conditions, the product is more suitable. It has the following advantages: Transparent solution, high stability, low spill loss, coolant Even at higher pressure the level of foam is also very low, good grinding disc flushing effect, grinding solution life is very long, good skin compatibility Sex, good filterability, medium odor, the impact of small residue.
Forming milling process preparation: the internal gear forming Raymond Mill is the use of Siemens 802C Raymond Mill system, Raymond Mill system programming methods are mainly two ways: one is the computer programming, it can be online programming Can also be programmed offline, through the use of special software on the computer to prepare the workpiece program, and then through the RS232 interface into the Raymond Mill system machine saved in the processing program memory, the processing can be transferred to achieve automatic processing: the other is manually entered Programming, that is, by the programmer from the machine Raymond Mill system operating panel manual input processing procedures. As the internal gear forming grinding process is relatively simple, easy programming, we use manual input programming. According to the principle of the forming process of the raymond mill grinding machine, the parameters of the gear to be machined and the machining precision requirements, the logic block diagram of the machining gears is drawn first. In order to better ensure the symmetry of the left and right tooth surface, with the shape of the Raymond grinding surface grinding grinding gear on the left and right two tooth surface, in a repair after grinding the left and right two tooth surface is conducive to Guaranteed size consistency. In the process of grinding, if found Raymond mill wear, to timely use of the diamond wheel for Raymond grinding dressing.

asked Sep 12 in Physics by anonymous
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