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Raymond grinding equipment quality is more important than the price

Raymond mill equipment quality is more important than the price, equipment quality and price I am afraid that customers have been most concerned about the issue, but some people think about such a problem? What is the quality and price in the end? Here are the general Xiaobian to explain their views and opinions.
Milling equipment is important to the quality or price? Inexpensive is the highest standard for the pursuit of each consumer, but this standard seems difficult to achieve, for some customers concerned about the price, do not care about the quality of equipment, can pay attention to use, and some people pay more attention to quality, do not care The price of the level, no matter which of the above is not entirely correct, there is a certain degree of deviation and extreme, quality and price are relatively speaking, between the two to achieve a balance is the best result, so GM Xiaobian That the price and quality are very important, will be about the level of words, Xiao Bian that quality is more important than the price point.
Why is the quality of Raymond milling equipment more important than the price? Give you a little story: for example, you buy a mobile phone, there are two different price of the phone to choose from, a low price less, can only meet the most basic needs, a slightly more expensive, but the performance , The quality of the equipment is much higher than the former; if the purchase of a temporary save some of the funds, the former may face mobile phone failure, renewal and some other issues, and choose the latter to pay the corresponding cash, enough to use a year or two Replacement. This situation we have deep experience in life, many people choose different, the results of natural returns are different. So from the purchase of mobile phones can be seen that the quality of some more important than the price.

asked 23 hours ago in Computer Science by anonymous
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How long is the run-in period of the Raymond Mill

What is the mill run-in period? How long does it take for a raymond mill? And milling customers understand that these are very important to the future production and operation, a lot of mill manufacturers will give customers to remind, and some will provide technical personnel on-site guidance and installation instructions to follow the completion of running, but inevitably some small manufacturers services imperfect , The machine is not responsible for any problems after the appearance of everything on the idea, then if it is still a beginning into the milling industry customers will suffer.
Why should Raymond milling equipment go through a certain period of time?
Simply say that some of the dry mill is also difficult to understand, here we have to give an example to understand, car owners know that the same car is the same factory, but after a different trip for some time There will be obvious differences, some based on new, all aspects of performance are not much change, and some will appear noise, steering wheel is not flexible and so on, why the same car after the same time there will be such a big difference? In fact, this is the car run-in period is not running in place of the reasons, so the novice no matter how good the car does not necessarily achieve the desired effect, for Raymond Mill is also the case, put into the production line must run on the mill in order to Early detection of problem handling, maintenance period to provide a strong guarantee of production.
How long is the run-in period, how to achieve the best run-in effect? Mill running time does not want to run a long time, usually in the test machine production of 60 hours or so, that is, 2-3 days time, this time grinding customers must not rush into the normal production, need to wait, run After the completion of the equipment to maintain a normal and stable operation of the position, we recommend that everyone run-in time than the daily grinding production more steward, the best skilled or professional technical field guidance to complete, try to avoid novice to run or otherwise likely to bring irreparable loss.

asked 3 days ago in Chemistry by anonymous
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Calcium silicate Raymond Mill Machine

Raymond Mill is a stone powder grinding machine, suitable for hardness below 9.3, the humidity is less than 6% of all the ore processing, finished fineness between 35-425 mesh, professional industrial milling equipment.
It can be seen, calcium silicate board production required for the silicon powder, calcium powder are required Raymond grinding powder grinding, they have an indirect and intuitive and close contact between the new production of calcium silicate board building materials can not be separated from silicon Powder, calcium powder and other raw materials, so you need to mine the mine to the exploitation of silica, stone through the jaw crusher, stone powder and a series of crushing and grinding device grinding treatment, so that raymond mill to help new buildings Material production and processing, grinding equipment grinding quality of the direct relationship between the production of calcium silicate board quality.
Calcium silicate board performance advantages and market demand
1, fire performance, calcium silicate board is non-combustible A1 grade material, in case of fire, the plate will not burn, it will not produce toxic smoke.
2, waterproof performance, calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance, in the bathroom, bathroom and other places of high humidity, can still maintain the performance of stability, will not expand or deformation.
3, high strength, high strength of calcium silicate board, 6mm thick plate strength much more than 9.5mm thick ordinary gypsum board. Calcium silicate board wall solid and reliable, easy to damage rupture.
4, the size of stability, calcium silicate board using advanced formula, in the strict quality control under the production, sheet wet and shrinkage control in the best range.
5, heat insulation, calcium silicate board has a good thermal insulation properties, 10mm thick wall insulation performance is better than ordinary brick wall effect, but also has a good sound insulation effect.
6, long life, calcium silicate board performance is stable, Naisuan Jian, not easy to corrosion, it will not be moisture or insects and other damage, can guarantee a long service life.
Calcium silicate board to the six major characteristics of the building materials industry sought after in the urban and rural construction of high-speed development conditions, the demand for calcium carbonate board building materials continue to increase, but also led the Raymond milling equipment demand, However, the current development of the milling industry point of view, grinding equipment and more concentrated in the next level, to meet the current market development standards, must be developed into a new type of environmental protection and energy conservation, SBM new Raymond machine pulse dust removal device, , High output value

asked Aug 10 in Computer Science by xuanxuan251 (140 points)
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Raymond mill can be ground material analysis

What are the types of grindable grinding materials? What are the specific requirements? With these questions will be a general small series will give you a detailed analysis, in-depth understanding of Raymond machine on the applicability of materials introduced.
Analysis of the type of milled material
As a professional stone mill, the grinding object is naturally all kinds of ore, such as phosphate rock, lime, calcite, barite, limestone, gypsum, bentonite, talc, potassium feldspar, dolomite, activated carbon, marble, quartz , Glass, kaolin, cement, construction waste, insulation materials, such as more than 280 kinds of materials, high-fine powder grinding.
Material case analysis
Case 1: limestone milling is mainly used in power plant desulfurization, concrete mixing plant and chemical and other industrial raw materials, raymond mill can be used in accordance with the actual application of limestone grinding into 30-425 target different powder specifications, lime powder has a fine fineness of 200 Head, 325 mesh, 800 mesh and other different fineness, of which 325 mesh the most widely used, the largest amount.
Case 2: construction waste recycling, construction waste and ore are different, it is a mixture of materials, the convenience of the nature of difficult to control, such as hardness, humidity, with or without impurities, etc., in the current environmental shouting, the global call Under the premise of solving the problem of environmental pollution, let the resources be effectively used, can be described as double benefit, construction junk jaw crusher, industrial mill, sand machine, etc. crushing the ecological environment construction, construction waste, industrial waste recycling Machine processing can be re-user concrete materials, the current construction waste recycling and re-processing technology is constantly exploring and innovation, while the requirements of milling equipment in the production process and finished product quality has improved, SBM new development and production of high-pressure hanging roller mill, European version of the mill are part of the mine to upgrade products, finished fineness uniform and meticulous, and large output, high efficiency, for construction waste treatment just right.
Material performance requirements analysis
Raymond Mill is a stone powder grinding device, but there are clear requirements for raw materials, such as raw material particle size, material hardness, humidity and so on.
1, the size of the material particles, the type of mill size of the inlet size, 3R to 6R Raymond mill maximum feed size range between 15mm-35mm, if beyond the maximum feed requirements required by the jaw crusher Pretreatment of crushing unit.
2, the material hardness, in addition to ultrafine mill outside the majority of ore mill grinding Mohs hardness of 9.3 and below the following non-flammable and explosive ore.
3, the material humidity, grinding equipment, material screening, transmission by the wind to complete, the humidity is too easy to grinding components and powder sieving transport, grinding machine strict requirements, the general material moisture to be kept below 6%.

asked Aug 8 in Computer Science by anonymous
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