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Application and Development Prospect of Recycled Sand for Construction Waste

SBM machinery tells the application of construction waste and the development prospects of sand, because China is currently in the development of high-speed, high-speed company's construction, building renovation, infrastructure expansion, and all use of this product of sand and gravel. So in recent years, China's natural gravel material more and more can not meet the needs of China's construction. So a lot of sandstone material, where to find to meet our needs? Construction Waste Crusher industry gave people hope to give the enterprise power
In recent years, the norms of construction sand, so that China's sandstone industry began to have an optimistic outlook, since the development of natural sand to the current mechanism of sand (construction waste regeneration sand), including innovation in the sand, no one Does not contain a good prospect for the future of gravel material. Today and we simply understand the next on the application and development of gravel material.
Throughout the previous market, the production of natural sand is mostly extensive, not only broken the natural ecological environment, but also caused a waste of natural resources, and seriously affect the quality of construction problems. The same is due to the problem of natural sand, so that its related products are not effective use and development. This phenomenon has led to a lot of waste of resources and energy irrigated area, to the environment has also brought serious problems. The mobile crushing station has been perfectly used in Construction Waste Crusher projects
Now, the emergence of construction waste recycling sand can be considered a complete solution to this problem. By its extension of another product - sand aggregate, made of concrete blocks in the construction project is to be an effective promotion and use. The emergence of vertical impact crusher to the development of China's gravel material to enhance a level, and reduce the production of cement consumption. And all this credit is due to the construction waste regeneration sand.
Construction waste Recycled sand is made from construction waste as raw material, through a series of broken, absorption, sand and other links, and ultimately produce the sand we need material. Construction waste recycling sand to improve the quality of construction sand and application level, and to ensure the quality of the project. I believe that in the future time, construction waste recycling sand will be more effective to promote the role.

asked 4 days ago in Computer Science by anonymous
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Construction waste disposal equipment for construction waste special crusher

At the beginning of the new year, the local two sessions were held this month. To the construction waste disposal industry is excited that in this year's local two sessions, on the promotion of construction waste disposal recommendations and comments have mushroomed. So what are the concerns and suggestions for building waste disposal?
In recent years, with the rapid progress of urbanization in Fuqing City, Fujian Province, road construction, area transformation involving more than one million square meters of housing relocation, resulting in a large number of construction waste. At present, these construction waste is basically landfill treatment, can not be recycled, resulting in waste of resources, destruction of the ecological environment.
Assembly construction can shorten the construction period, reduce construction waste, reduce environmental pollution. According to the General Office of the State Council in September 2016 "on the development of assembly-oriented construction of the guidance", the proposed timely introduction of Fenghua policy, in the "three five" period, vigorously support the development of assembly-style construction, promote Fuqing ecological civilization construction, Strengthen the construction waste management capacity. At the same time, in Fuqing City to carry out the Construction Waste Crusher pilot, the use of commercial operations, the implementation of classified classification of construction waste, such as grinding into powder, turning waste into treasure and so on.
Today, Xiamen City, Fujian Province has started construction waste resource utilization, as soon as possible into the ranks of resources to help the city building waste turning waste into treasure. Xiamen Honglu Sheng construction waste recycling projects are used from the SBM independent research and development of construction waste construction waste single-stage broken modular production line, the host using DPF construction waste special crusher, the performance is very stable, superb assembly skills, and very focused on environmental protection , The production of recycled aggregate processed into a block, paving brick, tile tiles and other building materials products, to achieve the construction waste recycling, reduction, harmless economic, social and ecological benefits.
In addition, SBM construction waste crusher is a domestic steel cutting device with a special garbage crusher, the host will not be blocked, recycled bone grain size is good, variable three broken broken single section, with the file model in the more cost-effective High, is the best building waste crushing equipment.

asked 6 days ago in Physics by anonymous
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Construction waste mobile crushing station

Construction waste mobile crushing station (also known as construction waste mobile crusher) Medium and thick machinery using advanced construction waste disposal technology, construction waste, industrial waste, cinder, coal rock, slag, fly ash, building materials, non-metallic solid waste , The solid waste application process, you can produce all kinds of quality testing in line with the norms of new building materials, according to the equipment configuration of the effective utilization of different construction waste can reach 80-100%, no secondary pollution, can be achieved almost Zero pollution, zero emissions of the ideal environmental effects. Construction Waste Crusher station is the construction waste from construction waste to renewable raw materials recycling economy, low carbon economy production and operation mode change. Turning waste into treasure, protecting the environment, is the current global development of building treatment of the preferred equipment.
Construction waste mobile crushing station structure:
Construction waste mobile crushing station by the mobile rack, feeder, construction waste dedicated crusher, sieve, belt conveyor, iron equipment, electronic control system and other components. Can also be configured according to customer requirements
Construction waste mobile crushing station works:
Raw materials from the loader directly to the silo, from the silo into the vibration feeder, by the feeder to the material evenly sent to the construction of garbage crusher; after the garbage crusher after the crushing of the material by the belt conveyor by the separator Sent to the vibrating screen; broken material by the vibrating screen sieve into three kinds of materials: 0-10mm material from the belt conveyor to the finished material yard. Wood and other debris transported by the belt conveyor to the waste field. Large material is returned to the garbage-specific crusher via the belt machine.

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Construction waste crusher handling equipment is a new era of the combination

Construction waste crusher handling equipment:
This series of products are mainly low cost of operation, safe and reliable work, more uniform grain size, easy repair and other characteristics, it is more in refractory materials, ceramics, smelting, mining, building materials, glass and other industries, In the material crushing of the compressive strength of less than 250Mpa use.
Construction waste crusher working principle: Construction Waste Crusher equipment [E-type mobile crushing station]
The construction waste crusher is driven by the electric motor as the main driving force, and the eccentric shaft is driven by the sheave and the V-belt through the motor pulley, so that the material entering the crushing chamber is crushed and processed through the row The material is discharged from the finished product.
Construction waste crusher is divided into conveyor belt, crusher (rack part, reset the spring, flywheel, large pulley, fixed jaw and activities of the E plate, moving part, side guards, brackets and adjustment parts), dust removal system , Lubricating parts and so on.

asked Aug 12 in Computer Science by anonymous
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SBM machinery to explain the construction waste crusher handling equipment precautions

In the construction waste crusher processing line, we may think that he has little effect, but in fact it is indispensable in the process of building waste disposal, which not only improves the surrounding environment, but also is available Resources have also been greatly improved, it can be seen, Construction Waste Crusher processing equipment is essential. SBM machinery below to tell you about the use of some of the useful parts of construction equipment and the need to avoid dangerous matters. Hope to give you a little help
1, boot work, should be carefully examined to recognize the ministry is not qualified, qualified before the official start work.
2, installed at the point should ensure that the loading and unloading of the tape in the center of the direction, not allowed in a large height directly unloaded to prevent injury to tape and lead to tape deviation.
3, the reducer, motor, coupling and all the drum bearing the temperature is not normal, movement is not abnormal.
4, the conveyor belt material should be carefully observed during the delivery of the situation, found abnormal should be timely downtime.
5, the conveyor belt tension is not appropriate, with or without skid deviation, card grinding and other abnormal appearance.
6, often check the hydraulic coupler, hydraulic system, reducer is not leaking, regularly check the amount of oil is not appropriate, and timely adjustment to add.
7, Construction Waste Crusher equipment before starting, should first start close to unload the drum motor, in the drive near the storage tank of the motor, so that the surface when the load exceeds the load.
8, maintenance should be shut down, should be hung on the stop signs.
9, before the shutdown should clean up the debris.
10, the conveyor belt on the material after processing completely in order to stop the construction waste disposal equipment.

asked Aug 11 in Physics by anonymous
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SBM construction waste disposal equipment once again in Shenzhen resource project successfully put into operation

Recently, SBM mobile construction waste disposal equipment once again in Shenzhen resource project successfully put into operation, this is SBM multiple sets of Construction Waste Crusher equipment settled in Shenzhen, crack construction waste "siege" trend.
Shenzhen space is small, the land is limited, and the city construction day by day, how many increase in the storage field can not fundamentally meet the needs of construction waste landfill, and construction waste dumping phenomenon, and can not rely on increased punishment can get Radical cure. It is reported that the annual output of more than 50 million square meters of Shenzhen mud, which can be reused the annual output of about 10 million tons of construction waste, 10,000 tons of construction waste to account for 2.5 acres of land, then Shenzhen annual construction waste at least Covering an area of 2500 acres, garbage siege trend gradually become.
In order to change the traditional construction waste disposal, resource recycling has become an inevitable choice. With the resources to look at the construction of garbage, with market-oriented means to digest the construction waste, with a strong rule of law and effective policies to regulate construction waste. Therefore, a company in Shenzhen to introduce SBM mobile construction waste disposal equipment for the use of resources, the output of a variety of recycled building materials, efficient processing of construction waste and ecological restoration of the urban environment.
At present, the construction waste recycling products to a variety of types, high quality, high value-added direction, the average rate of resources in more than 95%, resource-based process to achieve pollutant standards "0" emissions, profit model can not rely entirely on government subsidies Market-oriented operations, and to achieve key technology processes, equipment breakthroughs, complete the technology and standards of the whole industry chain coverage. In addition, SBM construction waste disposal equipment can be 100% of the construction waste recycling rate, 100% of the environmental protection process, 100% market rate of recycled products, and promote the development of resources to achieve social, economic and ecological coordination of the three benefits.

asked Aug 8 in Physics by anonymous
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