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Recent questions in Chemistry

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Raymond Mill Arrangement Operation

Raymond Mill arrangement operation and enhancement of the operation can be disconnected into online and offline two ways. At present, the assay on the on-line enhancement of the milling arrangement is still in the antecedent stage. Most of the literatures accept that the key to the enhancement of the online operation is the absolute akin ascendancy of Raymond Mill. Thus the optimal ascendancy of the on-line operation of the brawl mill in fact becomes the ascendancy of the optimum akin of Raymond Mill. However, due to Raymond Mill absolute akin altitude is not yet mature, consistent in Raymond Mill online operation enhancement ascendancy has not been applied application, its assay is still focused on Raymond Mill absolute akin altitude research.
In contrast, the accelerated enhancement of the milling arrangement is simple and simple to implement, has been broadly acclimated in the absolute assembly of ability plants, this adjustment is mainly through acreage debugging test, able-bodied with some changeless bread-and-butter indicators analysis, in adjustment to access Optimized Operating Ambit of Storage Raymond Mill Pulverizing System. At present, the assay adjustment of the brawl mill is not accurate enough, and the assay of the beginning abstracts is aswell too simple. There is no able assay of the multi-objective enhancement article of the raymond mill.
Therefore, the cardboard proposes an able enhancement adjustment based on erect assay and BP arrangement for the enhancement of operating ambit of medium-storage animate brawl milling system. In appearance of the botheration of erect assay and the top amount of the experiment, the cardboard adopts compatible architecture adjustment The beginning abstracts were modeled and predicted by atomic squares abutment agent machine.

asked Jun 16 in Chemistry by anonymous
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Reasonable aliment of Raymond Milldd

With the Raymond Mill alive hours lengthened, it is to accompany humans to facilitate the conception of allowances at the aforementioned time, but aswell abide to wear, again the accepted use of the mill, it should pay absorption to the aliment of the mill, in accession to some Basic maintenance, the comminute will accept some of us can not ability or can not anticipate of the aliment of these locations of the accustomed operation of Raymond Mill has a acute role.
Raymond Mill brand is mainly acclimated for connected blasting of the actual amid the cutting roller and cutting ring, the brand in the connected advertise actual with altered quality, acerbity of the actual for a continued time acquaintance friction, actual accessible to wear, Loss of abundant brand will not be able to advertise the material, consistent in Raymond Mill operating ability by a assertive amount of impact.
Grinding and cutting roller is the crushing of the accomplished equipment. After the actual is fed amid the cutting roller and the cutting ring, the cutting and cutting activity of the cutting caster is agitated out to accomplish the abundant comminution. The ring is not alone accountable to the abrasion of the material, but aswell by its alternate abrasion amid the force. When the cutting roller and cutting ring austere abrasion or abrasion is not even, the actual will aswell affect the assembly of accomplished powder, the abnormality of asperous airiness of accomplished products.
In general, Raymond Mill's blade, cutting ring and roller in the role of the ultrafine mill is actual important in the absolute crushing action to play an important task, it is aswell the a lot of simple on the comminute Abrasion parts. It is recommended to analysis a lot of blade, cutting ring and roller wear, reasonable aliment of these parts, accessories activity can be abundantly extended.

asked Jun 15 in Chemistry by anonymous
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The general structure of roller-type Raymond Mill

The general structure of Raymond Mill, according to its specific role, can be divided into six components, their name and role are as follows: ① roller: roller is the main working parts of roller-type Raymond Mill, its role with the same Stone grinding up and down the two discs similar to the material from the two roller through the grinding roller by grinding and was broken. ② transmission part: the transmission part of the main roller to provide work motivation, so that the two rollers to do the relative direction of the different speed of rotation, to ensure that the roller in accordance with a certain speed, speed roller to maintain a certain ratio. ③ Rolling distance adjustment structure: the radial distance between the two rollers is called the rolling distance. The lack of this body, Raymond Mill can not be with a variety of grain size of the grinding material to adapt, can not be changed according to process requirements at any time Raymond grinding grinding strength. The roller is tilted in the direction of the Raymond mill, the upper roller is a fast roll, its bearing is fixed on the shell of the Raymond mill, its position can not move, the lower roller is the slow roller, through its bearing device can be up and down Moving the bearing arm, the bearing arm is connected to the clearance adjustment mechanism by means of a spring, so that the position of the slow roll can be changed by the distance adjustment mechanism. Changing the radial distance between the two rollers to achieve a certain grinding effect is the main role of the rolling distance adjustment mechanism. ④ Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism plays an important role in the grinding effect of the roller. The feeding mechanism is located above the roller, which consists of the storage tube, the fighting rod, the feed roller and the feeding valve. The action is as follows: a) The abrasive is correctly fed into the grinding zone between the two rollers. B) to ensure that the material in the grinding area of the two rollers on the length of the uniform full, thick consistent. C) The feeding mechanism can adjust the flow rate of the grinding fluid at any time according to the change of production conditions. The working mechanism of the feeding mechanism should be closely matched with the clutch of the roller, the grinding roller is closed and the feeding mechanism rotates the feed: otherwise, the feeding is stopped. D) in the event of failure, can quickly loose, protect the grinding teeth. E) appropriate to limit the larger impurities into the grinding mouth, in order to maintain the safety of Raymond. ⑤ grinding roller cleaning mechanism: the cleaning mechanism installed in the bottom of the roller, the general use of a broom or scraper close to the surface of the roller to remove the powder attached to the surface of the powder, to maintain the surface of the roller has a good technical characteristics And roller running smoothly, brush broom to clean the surface of the roller, scraper for cleaning the light roller. ⑥ suction device: the role of suction device has three: a) to absorb the work of the roller to produce heat and water vapor, reduce the temperature of the grinding material to improve the grinding performance of the grinding. B) Cooling the roller to lower the material temperature. C) Do not let the dust inside the Raymond mill fly outward, reduce environmental pollution and improve people's working conditions.

asked Jun 12 in Chemistry by xuanxuan251 (160 points)
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Construction Waste Crusher Cone

The Waste of Construction Waste Disposal: Building Crusher
Many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource if it is sorted, removed or crushed. Such as scrap steel, scrap wire, waste wire and a variety of scrap parts and other metal, after sorting, concentration, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture and manufacture a variety of steel, this can reduce the mining efforts. Waste bamboo wood can be used to make artificial wood, reduce natural forest deforestation. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste can be crushed by sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for manufacturing blocks, municipal roads paved brick, square brick, And other building materials products. Brick, tile cleaning can be reused, waste brick, tile, concrete crushing and grading, after cleaning, can be used as recycled aggregate preparation of low-grade recycled aggregate concrete for foundation reinforcement, road works cushion, floor And floor cushion, non-load-bearing concrete hollow block, concrete hollow partition board or autoclaved fly ash brick. If these Construction Waste Crusher can be fully utilized, then you can save a lot of limestone, clay, gypsum, iron ore powder and other natural raw materials mining.
On the one hand, China is developing a circular economy, the implementation of independent innovation, and comprehensively promote the scientific development of the critical moment, on the other hand, as China's sustained and stable economic development, industrialization, urbanization process accelerated, the city's new, expansion, Maintenance of buildings or structures of construction waste is bound to increase, the city will inevitably plan to add new construction waste acceptance field, in the protection of the environment and the development of economic contradictions, do not carry out simple landfill waste , And must be another way of thinking, the new construction waste comprehensive utilization of planning, design and operation of the reception site into a comprehensive utilization of construction waste industry base to reduce construction waste increment, to further improve the construction waste Comprehensive utilization rate.
Construction waste resources industrialization research and practice, to achieve a comprehensive utilization of construction waste industry, reduce construction waste increment, and further improve the comprehensive utilization of construction waste.

asked Jun 9 in Chemistry by anonymous
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Calcium carbonate ultrafine powder milling machine

Calcium carbonate is a pure white powder, with non-toxic, non-odor ingredients and other characteristics of stability, is an important inorganic non-metallic materials, industrial products is an important filler and additives. Nano-calcium carbonate is known as the mineral aristocratic product, is the industry is optimistic about the high-tech content, high value-added and high profits of inorganic fillers. Due to the superfine refinement of nanometer calcium carbonate particles, the crystal structure and surface electron structure change, resulting in the quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum effect which ordinary calcium carbonate does not possess. With nano-calcium carbonate as the organic polymer material toughening reinforcement materials, both play a role in filling and can partially improve the strength and other properties of the product, therefore, since the 1980s since the advent of nano-calcium carbonate in Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries continue to expand the scope of application, increasing the amount of commercial application prospects are very attractive.
Throughout the domestic nano-calcium carbonate industry, industry concentration is very low, corporate structural contradictions, there are many enterprises, the average production capacity is too small, backward production technology, poor processing equipment, environmental pollution and other issues. One of the most obvious is the duplication of construction, overcapacity, a serious shortage of operating rate, economic decline. Therefore, the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading is the calcium carbonate industry "second five" one of the primary task, one of the policy is to focus on encouraging the development of energy-saving environmental protection of new nano-calcium carbonate.
In recent years, China's non-metallic mineralization grading equipment developed rapidly, the technology gradually enhanced, a series of independent intellectual property rights of technology available and industrialized, so that the domestic calcium carbonate technology and the rapid upgrading of quality, production capacity has also been expanded, Completely changed the domestic high-quality calcium carbonate dependent on the status of imports. In order to meet the needs of more industries to keep up with the pace of economic development, SBM R & D to create a large non-metallic mineral pulverized milling equipment-Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine, the machine benefited from SBM powder engineers in the technical Of the persistent pursuit and innovation, many advantages gathered in the market of similar products have unparalleled advantages in the market has a considerable competitive edge. Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine under the same power high yield, stable operation, high quality products and high environmental protection, a substantial increase in customer efficiency, for SMEs to win more market opportunities.
SBM has been committed to scientific and technological innovation, standing in the forefront of the development of the industry to continue to accumulate the influence of forging the Chinese crushing and grinding equipment leading brand value, Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine won the praise of customers, in the final analysis is the traditional The efficiency optimization is mainly achieved by improving the grinding efficiency and reducing the running cost. The Q5 European version of the ultrafine mill not only performs well in the traditional efficiency optimization, but also breaks the non-production time and the finished product quality as the efficiency improvement. Many unique design is to complete the continuous operation of the reliable protection. Roller bearings with thin oil centralized circulation lubrication, to ensure that the bearings in the low temperature and pure oil conditions to work; unique hydraulic station system, can reduce the replacement and maintenance time roller; equipped with automatic control device that can achieve remote monitoring operation , So that customers completely bid farewell to the complex maintenance process.

asked Jun 7 in Chemistry by xuanxuan251 (160 points)