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Brief Introduction of Shaping Shaping and Sand Making Effect of VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI series of sand making machine crushing process is very simple, involving several different broken away. In essence it is also a high-speed rock centrifuge. There are several crushing processes in the sand making machine - the impact and mutual friction can break the rock. Between the crushing chamber and the particles in the turntable, a high-intensity collision occurs between the particles and the counterattack plate, thereby breaking the rock.
VSI sand making machine
In the process of crushing and grinding stone stone, continue to add rock liner. First with the rebound after the free fall of another part of the material to impact, and then together to the impact of the material lining (stone stone) or counterattack block (stone black), was rebounded obliquely impact to the top of the vortex chamber, but also to change its movement direction, Deflected downward movement, but also with the material from the impeller flow out of the impact of the formation of a continuous material curtain. In this way, a piece of material in the vortex crushing chamber by two to several times the impact of impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port. In the crushing chamber, there is a collision between the particles, until the energy shortage and fall, leaving the crushing chamber. Rock in the crushing chamber to stay in the general time in 5 ~ 20s.
VSI sand making machine using advanced selective crushing and cleavage crushing principle, directly on the material to exert sufficient kinetic energy, and through the impact of kinetic energy to overcome the broken material required to break the material. Material along its natural texture surface, cleavage surface fracture, grain shape is good, their own low consumption. Is the first choice for sand and gravel.

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Brief description of construction waste crusher

construction waste crusher is a large crusher that has been gradually being promoted in recent years. Before the traditional crushing equipment are needed to be fixed on the ground, the crushing process is more cumbersome, the need for a unified concentration of materials, the transmission crusher work. The new construction waste crushing equipment has changed the disadvantages of traditional fixed crushing equipment, assembled the drive device, formed a semi-mobile or fully automatic mobile crushing station equipment. New crushing equipment to move freely, where to go where to break, greatly improve the efficiency of broken process.
Construction waste crusher to help construction waste to resource-based road is of great significance. We all know that more than 80% of construction waste is waste concrete, waste bricks, waste mortar and other building materials, sorted, removed or crushed, most of them can be recycled as a renewable resource to become the second resource of the construction industry. Construction waste through the mobile crushing station after processing the finished product can achieve great value space, not just recycling, processing, more value can be achieved re-use, and save natural resources to create social wealth. Especially in the construction waste in the brick, stone, concrete and other waste by the mobile crushing station after processing, can be on behalf of the sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for making blocks, paving Brick, tile tiles and other building materials products, to achieve the sustainable use of renewable resources for China's huge demand for mineral resources to open up a sustainable development path.
construction waste crusher feed large particle size, high compressive strength, can be widely used in cement, building materials, mining, electricity and other industries do not exceed 250Mpa in a variety of coarse material in the broken operation, especially for highways, railways, water conservancy projects And other special industries for the construction of aggregate, such as basalt, granite, river pebbles and other materials broken.
In the structural design, the use of a unique vortex crushing chamber, curved three-chamber crushing; in the crushing of the broken cavity tooth profile and plate hammer gap can be easily adjusted to effectively control the material size; high wear resistance plate hammer, insert Type installation; rack multi-directional open the door, after the box on the screw or hydraulic opening device to replace the wearing parts, maintenance more convenient.

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Portable crusher plant is our good helper

With the rapid development of China's economy and the accelerating process of urbanization, the garbage generated by the construction industry is eroding the ecological environment on which we live on tens of thousands of tons per day. While enjoying the urban civilization, Garbage siege "troubled.
"China made 2025" and "industrial 4.0" gradually become the popular concept of manufacturing industry, Portable crusher plant of the "4.0 model" has been more and more concerned about the industry. China's Gravel Association President Hu Yiyi pointed out that the "4.0 model" under the added value of the product higher, more green, through the material technology, energy technology and biotechnology, such as a high degree of integration, so that the construction waste resource industry into a new green An important growth point of circular economy. "4.0 model is the future direction of development of construction waste."
In view of the difficulties in the treatment of urban construction waste, the traditional crushing equipment has been improved and optimized. The Portable crusher plant, including the coarse crushing station, the crushing and sieving mobile station, the independent operation combined mobile station, Station, fine sand washing mobile station, three combined mobile stations, four combined mobile stations and other 7 large modules 72 models, through the optimization of the various models to provide customers with the most abundant and flexible mobile station program to meet the complex construction waste Coarse crushing, crushing, crushing, ultrafine crushing and screening.
It is well known that the main components of construction waste are concrete, cement and brick and other waste, after breaking the broken crushing and screening, the wood, steel and organic matter removed, the brick slag construction waste broken processing Use, combined with the flexibility of the combination, whether it is "first broken after the screen" or "first screen after the broken", can ensure that the construction waste in the process of recycling zero waste.

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How do the sand making machine out of the problem?

Sand making machine is a common facility in the gravel production line, which is at the core position in the gravel production line. Shanghai SBM sand making machine, also known as impact crusher, because of its small particle size after crushing (up to 20 mesh below). So it is called sand making machine.
Common Faults and Treatment Measures of sand making machine. The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials. It is widely used in various kinds of ore, cement, refractory material, aluminum earth clinker, emery, glass raw material, Silicon carbide, emery, sintered bauxite, sand and other high hard, special hard and abrasive materials than other types of crusher production efficiency is higher. This article will introduce you to sand making machine common faults and treatment measures:
First, the sand making machine bearing load is too large: check the size of the load. Under the correct load conditions, control to a reasonable range. In the case of
Second, the sand making machine bearing torque load of the enemy invasion, inflow: improved anti-rust seal device, downtime. Improved surface finish for paired rolling parts. Showing the dark side, the dark surface with a slight wear depth of 5-10M microcracks and small openings in the fractured installation from the inside to the inside within a wide range. Improved sealing device.
Third, improper lubricant: the use of appropriate viscosity of the lubricating oil to improve the lubrication. The surface roughness of the rolling parts of the sanding machine. Foreign matter into the lubricant. Choose the right lubricant. In the case of
Fourth, the bearing clearance is not appropriate. The bearing housing is poor in precision, bearing housing is rigid, is not uniform: check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing housing. Check the gap. In the case of
5, sand making machine bearing shaft rust, erosion, wear and indentation point inspection shaft and bearing seat accuracy. Pressure ball machine bearing load inner ring rotation, outer ring raceway surface or rolling surface rolling fatigue showed scaly peeling. The so-called card injuries caused by the sliding part of the slight burns of the surface damage caused by damage. Lubricant caused by poor surface roughness. Stripping the lubricant is not appropriate to improve the lubricant and lubrication method.

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Explanatory knowledge of the impeller of sand making machine

At this stage, with the increasing amount of sand in the project, the sand industry gradually developed, and led the entire construction machinery industry on heavy mineral processing equipment technology and process research and improvement. As an important part of the sand and gravel production line of sand making machine, the components of the solid and durable to become important, today Shanghai Shan Kai for everyone to bring sandblasting impeller related knowledge to explain.
Impeller is an important part of the sand making machine, but also the most vulnerable part of the material in the impeller to complete the distribution of transmission, if improper operation, it is easy to cause the material wear impeller, so we in the specific work and operation should be extra careful , To prevent because of inadvertent, accidentally triggered a series of production accidents.
We know that the impeller installed in the spindle assembly on the top of the shaft head, with a conical sleeve and key to connect the transmission torque, high-speed rotation, and the material from the middle of the impeller center feeder into the center of the impeller. By the impeller center of the fabric of the material will be evenly distributed to the impeller of the various flow path, in the launch channel outlet, installed with special materials made of wear block, can be replaced. The impeller to accelerate the material to a certain speed out of the impact of the crack into the crushing chamber of the material lining, a strong self-crushing, impeller in the cone and wear between the block with the upper and lower runner board to protect it Not subject to wear.
When the equipment stops running should be noted that: stop the nesting equipment before the first stop feeding, feeding should also be uniform, the material specifications to strictly comply with the requirements, or it is easy due to material wear impeller.
The industry believes that the decision-making effect of the jetting machine on the impeller is an important component, the stability of its work determines the associated conveyor, feeder, sorting machine and other work efficiency. Shanghai Shanqi reminders sand making machine users should pay attention to improve the stability of the impeller device, not only can improve the production efficiency of sand production lines, but also to extend the service life of sand making machine.

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Several types of construction waste crusher

Due to the different construction materials and the nature of the material is also very different, in order to meet the needs of practical work, construction waste crusher type is varied. The construction waste crusher used in the construction waste disposal may be distinguished by its work object or structure and working principle.
First, according to the job object can be divided into the following three:
1, coarse crusher for the first large pieces of material broken, construction waste crushing machinery can handle the maximum block diameter of more than lm, mainly crushing method to crush. Crushing ratio is not large, generally less than 6.
2, the size of the material processed in the crusher is usually not more than 350mm, mainly crushing or crushing method for crushing. Because this type of crusher usually includes crushing operations, including crushing is relatively large, generally 3 to 20, individual up to 30 or more.
3, fine grinding machine for grinding particle size of 2 ~ 60mm material particles, the product size does not exceed 0.1 ~ 0.3mm, the smallest up to 0.1mm below the crushing ratio of more than 1000.
Second, in accordance with the structure and working principle of the different, commonly used crusher has the following main types:
1, jaw crusher It is to rely on the activities of the jaw to do cyclical reciprocating motion, will be added to the two jaws between the material crushed.
2, cone crusher outer cone is fixed, the construction waste crusher equipment cone is eccentric shaft (or eccentric sleeve) with eccentric rotation, the material between the two cone by the pressure and bending force and broken.
3, the roller crusher material in two parallel to each other and the direction of rotation between the rollers were squeezed (light roller), or by extrusion splitting (tooth roller) and broken. Such as the number of revolutions of the two rollers there are some grinding effect.
4, hammer crusher block by the impact of high-speed rotating hammer and the block itself to high-speed fixed to the liner on the impact and broken.
5, wheel mill material in the disk was rotating cylindrical grinding wheel crushed and ground.
In addition to the above mechanical crushing method, the current has been broken with electricity, its working principle is: in the high-voltage circuit, put a pair of appropriate gap metal needle, after the high voltage, the pulse of high pressure spark discharge , Resulting in ultra-high voltage, leaving the material in the water to break. In addition, there are ultrasonic and low sound broken.

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Effectively improve the performance of Impact crusher

Machine vibration strong cause analysis:
Equipment running a strong vibration and noise, the rotor bearing temperature increased rapidly, resulting in bearing burned, the Impact crusher can not function properly. As the hammer often used castings, casting and processing of low precision, the quality of the plate hammer difference between the larger, if not taken when the assembly of certain measures, will cause the rotor quality imbalance. And because the rotor of the larger quality, high rotation speed. Unbalanced will produce a strong polarization, so that the bearing heated. Even burn out.
Even when the replacement of the hammer to take effective measures, the rotor in line with the balance requirements, but the machine after a period of time, due to the uneven hammer wear and tear, will lead to uneven rotor vibration.
Measures to avoid machine vibration is to keep the rotor balance. If the vibration of the machine in the production is aggravated, it should be stopped to check the wear of the plate hammer. If the plate hammer wear does not reach the wear limit, it should be changed edge or transposition, so that the rotor to restore balance; if the plate hammer wear has reached the wear limit, it should be replaced.
Plate hammer wear serious cause analysis:
Plate hammer wear is the main failure form of the Impact crusher. General plate hammer short life, consumption, need to reserve a large number of spare parts in order to maintain normal production, high production costs.
Plate hammer short life of the reasons there are two: First, the choice of improper plate hammer material. Now the anti-crusher material for the high-chromium cast iron, wear resistance is good. Second, the choice of improper plate hammer structure, the same conditions in the material under the effective wear and tear, wear a lot of plate hammer natural long life.
The treatment measures can improve the service life of the plate hammer from the scientific selection of the material of the plate hammer and the optimization of the structure of the plate hammer. Plate hammer selection, should choose some good wear resistance materials, such as high chromium cast iron and low carbon alloy steel.

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Structural Analysis of Mobile Construction waste crusher

In the initial treatment of garbage generated in the building, because many buildings are not concentrated, resulting in a lot of construction waste is not enough concentration. Therefore, when setting up the factory, the dispersion of construction waste also need to be considered, so as to improve the processing efficiency. Otherwise it will take a long distance and time to transport, so not only increase the cost of transport, but also lead to secondary pollution. So the mobile recycled aggregate production model will become the future Construction waste crusher equipment, an important direction of development. In the scene of the construction of construction waste, people will be able to initially deal with these garbage. And then to the aggregate depth processing center to transport the processed recycled aggregate and then complete the corresponding treatment. This will not only reduce transportation costs, but also reduce its impact on the environment.
By the crusher, screening system, debris sorting device, transmission mechanism and vibration feeder, self-running function together constitute a mobile building garbage crusher. And, the mobile organization is configured, it can be said that the production line is moving,
(1) crusher
In the mobile crushing station, the crusher is the core component, crushing the construction waste is its main task. The hardness of the material is the main feature of construction waste, low viscosity, there is no high demand for water content, therefore, must ensure that the stone crushing requirements of the equipment will be in the construction waste recycling mobile crusher is used. In order to improve the performance of recycled aggregate, it should be broken out of granular materials, effectively reduce the sheet material content, and to ensure that the particles can be evenly distributed. Therefore, be sure to follow the appropriate standards and scope to control the crusher performance, efficiency and material size.
(2) Screening system
In order to produce high-quality recycled aggregate, if it is difficult to complete a broken in accordance with the requirements, it is necessary to double the broken, which requires the addition of screening system, in the larger particles of the concrete block screening, and then to the crusher In the delivery, again crushing treatment to ensure that the effective disposal of construction waste.
(3) debris sorting device
Many debris is present in the construction waste, in particular, there are a lot of scrap wire, waste steel material exists in the reinforced concrete, therefore, need to set a debris sorting device to the mobile crusher, the waste wire, The impact of recycled aggregate properties is reduced.
(4) vibration feeding equipment
If the crusher into the construction of garbage directly, this will give a great impact on the crusher, if a long time to do so, it will lead to its uneven force, the normal operation of the equipment impact. Therefore, it is necessary to install a vibrating feeder before the crusher. The biggest advantage of the vibrating feeder is the ability to evenly feed. After the vibration of the material, move forward, slowly into the crusher before entering, if the Construction waste crusher, will fall in the gap between the bar, so as to play the role of screening.
(5) self-walking device
Tire-type and crawler-type walking mechanism is the mobile crushing station in two important walking agencies. Tire-type walking mechanism to facilitate the ordinary road walking, turning radius is small, can be stationed quickly in the site, equipment, high flexibility and save time. Crawler-type walking mechanism, able to walk smoothly, with a lower ground pressure, can effectively adapt to wetlands and mountain environments. Usually on the full hydraulic drive system applications, it is highly reliable, large driving force.

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Raymond Mill operating notes
The quality of a device is important, but the operation of the raymond mill is the most important, because only know the requirements of this, so as to better use, use more comfortable, in our plan, by the sensor The level of the material level into electrical signals, sent to the inverter, the inverter according to the signal to adjust the feed roller drive motor operating frequency, to achieve feeding roller stepless speed regulation; by the microprocessor will set the rolling distance and high precision Displacement sensor measured the rolling distance compared to the difference to send a signal to the stepper motor driver, stepper motor drive control stepper motor running a certain number of revolutions, through the screw drive roller roll slowly roll. Adjust the rolling distance until the difference is zero, to achieve the adjustment from the set value.
As a milling equipment, Raymond Mill is a wide range of applications. A Raymond mill accessories performance is good or bad, to a certain extent, with the quality of its accessories. Therefore, when the purchase of equipment, we must pay attention to see the quality of accessories, accessories to be a certain understanding. There are two kinds of manual and automatic control of the roller rolling distance. When the machine is running normally, it adopts the automatic mode. At this time, the feed control system starts to feed and stop the feeding signal according to the material level. The microprocessor calls the system The manual setting of the stored distance is automatically fast closing; when the machine repair or other personnel need to interfere with the situation occurs, the manual mode can be used to manually control the rapid clutch, fine adjustment, correction set rolling distance, transfer information. raymond mill grinding distance control system a. Design principle to adjust the rolling distance of the same function: roller trajectory of the same b. The overall design of the entire rolling distance adjustment system consists of rod assembly, fixed bearing, loose spring, movable bearing, guide, eccentric sleeve components, hanging angle, connecting rod, stepper motor, torque limiter and electric cylinder composition. Electromechanical grinding and grinding distance adjustment system still has all the functions of gas control grinding and grinding distance adjustment system.
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Inspection of working efficiency of ultrafine grinding machine

In the use of mine resources, in addition to a small number of minerals can not use the commonly used equipment processing, 85% of the ore resources are through the ultrafine mill processing, with its physical state of the powder posture to attack the market, And get their own proprietary performance. So the production efficiency of grinding operations is the focus of the production of manufacturers, then, how to detect ultrafine grinding machine is "lazy" it?

First, the detection of operating rate, that is, ultrafine grinding machine working time ratio:

It refers to the actual working hours of the equipment for a month or a year as a percentage of the number of hours. The operation rate of the ultrafine mill reflects its technical status, which reflects the management level of the staff. Which can also expose and analyze the reasons for the abnormal operation of the milling operations, to take effective measures to improve. Improve the operation rate of ultrafine grinding machine equipment also increased the production capacity of milling workshop.

Second, the production capacity:

Production capacity of ultrafine grinding machine, including production capacity, the use of coefficient, the specific size of the utilization factor. Only when the equipment model, specifications, ore nature, to the ore particle size and product size and the same provisions, the ultrafine grinding capacity of the mill can be more concise review of the work situation. The use of the coefficient can only be in the ore particle size, product size are similar conditions, in order to more truly reflect the nature of the ore and the various conditions of milling. Specific grain size utilization coefficient can be more realistic reflection of the work, you can compare the different specifications, different particle size and product size of the work under the production capacity.

Third, the fineness and efficiency of milling:

Finished fineness is the production of ultrafine mill, the daily inspection of another quality indicators. The fineness of the powder is usually sieved with the "sieve" of the "standard sieve" and is expressed as a percentage of the total amount of the product through the sieve (ie, the sieving rate). The higher the sieving rate, the finer the product The more production. Unit power consumption productivity can be more realistic from the energy point of view reflects the ultrafine grinding machine work, therefore, can be linked to productivity and productivity evaluation equipment work.

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Benefit Analysis of Mobile Construction Crusher

Equipment procurement costs low
In recent years, some places in our country have carried out the research and application of the technology of resource utilization of construction waste. At present, especially the technology of construction waste recycling products has basically matured and got practical application. I introduced the German advanced technology, after years of painstaking experiments and research mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment, since the market has been on the construction waste waste has a good effect, an average of hundreds of tons of construction waste per hour to be effectively dealt with.
With the development of our company's mobile construction waste treatment technology, gravity launched the domestic technology leading and the price of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment (purchase a 100-150T / H, Nissan 80,000 Mian Shaozhao / 8H cost of 300 Million), and actively respond to the implementation of the "People's Republic of China Circular Promotion Law" and other documents called to effectively promote the construction waste recycling.
Low transportation costs
Although the recycling business to see the construction waste is treasure, but also the ability to turn its waste into treasure, but because of the need for enterprises to personally find construction waste, and then transport the construction waste to a fixed brick site, the transport will be in the Virtually increase the cost, so that the original profit on the meager construction waste recycling more difficult. The emergence of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment to solve this problem, the mobile construction waste crushing station and other renewable products and equipment, mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment (mobile processing plant), the processing equipment "to" to the demolition site, Construction site, making it a "mobile processing plant", thereby reducing the multiple loading and unloading, transport of environmental pollution and operating costs, improve the profits of enterprises reused resources.
Low operating costs
The benefits of mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment are mainly due to the low cost of equipment procurement costs, low cost of raw materials, no high transport costs, national policy support, so mobile Construction Waste Crusher equipment has great economic and social benefits.

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What is the benefit of the presence of construction waste crushing stations?

The country is constantly strong, whether it is a big city or a small city, and now can see the high-rise buildings, shopping malls, etc., are also flat repair of the road, no matter what shop is more and more formal, but in society after getting better Garbage is also more and more, so this time the construction of garbage crushing station also received widespread concern, construction waste crusher is a crushing equipment in a, very much characteristic, smashing the efficiency of construction waste is very high, Better use of construction waste.
After a long period of inspection and practice developed a new type of construction waste crushing station. The machine is equivalent to two hammers combined into a reasonable combination into a whole, the use of double rotor up and down two crushing, two sets of rotor series used, broken than large, high production efficiency. The machine does not have the bottom of the screen grate, the material moisture content is not strict requirements, high humidity materials, never blocked, no screen grate bottom, high hard material, high moisture material, to ensure that no clogging, feed water content can reach 100 % Water content fineness 90% all in 2MM (mm below) 1MM (mm below) accounted for 70%, wet and dry, rainy days as usual production.
The presence of construction waste crusher has left many industries with no worries about the pollution of construction waste, which is the benefit of building waste crushing stations.

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construction waste crusher manufacturers how to choose it?

construction waste crusher is currently on the market more popular models, has a strong crushing effect, to adapt to the material is also very much, and targeted strong. There are a lot of domestic construction waste crusher manufacturers, different manufacturers of its size, strength and production of equipment there are some differences, then the construction waste crushermanufacturers how to choose it? This article describes the small series.
construction waste crusher manufacturers selection criteria
1, brand influence
A manufacturer of equipment manufacturers how to reflect a manufacturer of equipment cost is high, the brand influence of the manufacturers, high visibility, there are many users to buy, indicating that the manufacturers produced the equipment is very good, so the user first First look at how the manufacturers of the brand.
2, how the technology
Construction waste back to break the production of advanced technology, the production of equipment will not be poor, customers in the choice of manufacturers, manufacturers of technical level is also must consider the factors, to choose a high level of technology manufacturers.
3, how word of mouth
construction waste crusher broken word of mouth is good or bad impact on the manufacturers is great, if most consumers say that your manufacturers produce the equipment is good, then there will certainly be a lot of people to buy, to prove that the device is really good , So before you buy the first to listen to the evaluation of how the manufacturers.
4, whether the service is thoughtful
Manufacturers to ensure that construction waste crusher cost-effective under the premise of the service must also be very good, so as to better serve the user, so the choice of manufacturers when the service must be considered good or bad.

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Continuously improve the ultrafine mill with technology

The current domestic economic speed of people's living environment requirements are getting higher and higher, along with the country to increase the railway, highway, subway, transportation and other infrastructure construction, making chemical, building materials, metallurgy, mining has been rapid development, Industry also ushered in a good opportunity. Raymond Mill and other milling equipment only continue to improve the quality and performance in order to meet the rapid development of market demand.
Milling machinery R & D technical level of increased investment, milling technology more and more mature, ultrafine mill of the major technical indicators have made considerable progress. The major ultrafine grinding manufacturers in their own accumulated technical experience, but also actively absorb the successful experience of foreign countries, the machine carried out a high technological transformation, and constantly use high-performance advantage to occupy the market.
ultrafine milling machine is still a very common equipment for the mining industry. Compared to the traditional milling equipment, ultrafine milling machine has a very superior performance, it gives up the limitations of the traditional mill, grinding and crushing can be done at the same time integrated operation, greatly improving the production efficiency, In the mining industry, ultrafine mill and other equipment has become a leader.
It is popular popularity of the main reason is to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly use technology to improve performance and drive the market. China's excellent ultrafine grinding mill Shanghai World State R & D of a number of R & D and production of jaw crusher, the euro-type crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, Raymond Mill, ultrafine grinding machine, impact system Sand equipment has gradually reached China's "low carbon" environmental standards. In the era of low-carbon economy, while doing a good job of environmental protection and economic development, is the vocation of each enterprise, energy-saving environmental protection products research and development, become the focus of the development of each enterprise.

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ultrafine mill in the summer will be what problems, how to prevent and solve?

Summer is coming, high temperature production operations of ultrafine mill will face what kind of difficulties? Is the Phoenix Nirvana or the status quo, Hot summer, ultra-fine milling opportunities which problems, how to prevent and solve? Shanghai SBM to help you solve problems, ok?
The most common is the ultrafine mill bearing heat, in general, there are many causes of bearing heat, such as prolonged rotation will cause the bearing heat, but the hot summer will make the equipment bearing heat, this time people Will think that bearing heat is a normal thing, this does not attach importance to the attitude of the equipment will cause damage to the bearing, so in the production process once the bearing heat is expected to timely parking cooling, to avoid other failures.
But in addition to the weather and long-term operation will cause the bearing heat, there is the bearing in the use of time is too long, the bearing will contain some impurities, will lead to the operation of the bearing is not smooth, will directly cause the bearing heat, Life, and other lubricants too much or too little cause of the bearing heat, these problems need people to pay attention.
Next is the plum rack of the ultra-fine mill, as the name suggests, is the same as the plum-like shelf, which is connected to the upper end of the central shaft, the roller shaft mounted on it, and the component driven by the host drive and fast rotation, grinding ring fixed The electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeds the material quantitatively, continuously and continuously into the mainframe, and is milled between the roller and the grinding ring. Although there is no direct participation in the pulverization of the material, Components, it can also be said to play a direct role, for the production, it is very important.
Summer high temperature and rainy characteristics, so that ultrafine mill in the course of work, because the air from the lower part of the grinding ring in the tangential direction inhalation, through the grinding wheel and grinding ring between the grinding area, plum rack installed three roller , Not only around the central axis of the revolution, while the roller itself due to friction and rotation. Material temperature is too high, or too much humidity, so that after the friction and the deposition of materials led to plum rack movement is not flexible, seriously affecting the production schedule. It is important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the material.

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