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Will the ultrafine mill freeze in the winter?

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In our lives, there are many times when we use electrical appliances and our food and so on will be affected by the weather, hot summer will burn electrical or rotten food, cold winter will freeze these items, so in order to reduce this Kind of unnecessary damage, we need to carry out different maintenance measures.
Not only these small size of the items will be affected by the climate, for ultrafine grinding of such a large production equipment, the same will be affected by the external climate, such as hot weather or cold weather, lubricating oil will degenerate, Then it will affect the effect of lubrication, and thus cause the mill state of production changes, not only that, these extreme weather will cause damage to equipment, where to analyze the ultrafine mill machine in the winter, will not Frozen problems.
We know that manufacturers in the production of ultrafine grinding of this equipment, its structure is composed of many different components, these components for the production, but also played a significant role, such as bearing not only assume the majority of equipment The weight of the role, but also played a role in the transmission, such as grinding roller grinding ring is mainly played the role of grinding materials, these different components for the production of the role is not the same, but they are in common need to lubricate, and will be outside the air influences.
First of all, for lubrication, due to the role of cold weather will occur when the phenomenon of solidification, so at work, we need to choose lower than the local climate temperature freezing point of the oil, so as to ensure the effect of lubrication in order to ensure that the super Fine grinding parts of the normal work;
The next is the mill parts are made of steel, and then made by the advanced casting process, so they will be affected by the outside temperature, the weather is cold, then it will make SCM ultrafine mill parts of the phenomenon of freezing , So we need to put it in the room or to cover it, to prevent frost, in addition to preheating before the boot, so as to better production;
The article mainly describes the ultrafine grinding in the winter when it will not freeze the problem, the conclusion is frozen, mainly through two aspects of the analysis, for each aspect we introduced the corresponding solution to ensure that Its normal working condition, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production.

asked Aug 10 in Physics by xuanxuan251 (140 points)

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