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SBM construction waste disposal equipment once again in Shenzhen resource project successfully put into operation

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Recently, SBM mobile construction waste disposal equipment once again in Shenzhen resource project successfully put into operation, this is SBM multiple sets of Construction Waste Crusher equipment settled in Shenzhen, crack construction waste "siege" trend.
Shenzhen space is small, the land is limited, and the city construction day by day, how many increase in the storage field can not fundamentally meet the needs of construction waste landfill, and construction waste dumping phenomenon, and can not rely on increased punishment can get Radical cure. It is reported that the annual output of more than 50 million square meters of Shenzhen mud, which can be reused the annual output of about 10 million tons of construction waste, 10,000 tons of construction waste to account for 2.5 acres of land, then Shenzhen annual construction waste at least Covering an area of 2500 acres, garbage siege trend gradually become.
In order to change the traditional construction waste disposal, resource recycling has become an inevitable choice. With the resources to look at the construction of garbage, with market-oriented means to digest the construction waste, with a strong rule of law and effective policies to regulate construction waste. Therefore, a company in Shenzhen to introduce SBM mobile construction waste disposal equipment for the use of resources, the output of a variety of recycled building materials, efficient processing of construction waste and ecological restoration of the urban environment.
At present, the construction waste recycling products to a variety of types, high quality, high value-added direction, the average rate of resources in more than 95%, resource-based process to achieve pollutant standards "0" emissions, profit model can not rely entirely on government subsidies Market-oriented operations, and to achieve key technology processes, equipment breakthroughs, complete the technology and standards of the whole industry chain coverage. In addition, SBM construction waste disposal equipment can be 100% of the construction waste recycling rate, 100% of the environmental protection process, 100% market rate of recycled products, and promote the development of resources to achieve social, economic and ecological coordination of the three benefits.

asked Aug 8 in Physics by anonymous

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