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Calculate the number of moles in the following.

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Atoms of each element in 3.35 moles of aspirin (C9H8O4)

asked Aug 23, 2015 in Chemistry by frang (1,700 points)

1 Answer

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3.35 mol C9H8O4 x (9 mol C)/(1 mol C9H8O4) = 30.2 mol C

3.35 mol C9H8O4 x (8 mol H)/(1 mol C9H8O4) = 26.8 mol H

3.35 mol C9H8O4 x (4 mol O)/(1 mol C9H8O4) = 13.4 mol O

answered Sep 13, 2015 by thb (2,000 points)